Our Story:

"Kat" is a breast cancer survivor. Due to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation over the years and debilitating drug treatments, Kat was unable to continue working, and eventually had to leave her job. No longer in a corporate arena, she remained at home to care for her aging parents.

As with all precious life, both Kat's parents returned to God's loving home. Presently, Kat is fulfilling a lifelong passion of, becoming an entrepreneur in the field of cooking in which she so enjoys. After surviving cancer, she has learned the benefits of holistic healing through the foods we eat. Avoiding processed foods, cooking organic as much as possible, and surrounding herself with friends and family at the table for comfort and balance. "Friends and family at the table for comfort and balance in life", is her guiding philosophy.

Kat uses her experiences to promote the joy of cooking bringing quality kitchen products at value prices to her growing customer base. We hope you will join us on this journey through the art and the love of cooking.