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Q: Why own a chef's knife?

A modern chef's knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to work well for many kitchen tasks. It can be used to slice meat, vegetables, chop nuts, and cut up fruits.

Q: Can I put my knife in the dishwasher?

We recommend not putting it in the dishwasher since the blade can get busted, bent, damaged and dull the sharpness of the blade, and even though the wood handle is high heat resistant, it can fray and get rough, or break from repeated harsh detergents and washings.

Q: How do I hold a chef's knife?

Wrap you fingers around the handle of the knife so that your index finger fits into the area where the handle meets the end of the blade. Rest your thumb on the inside of the blade. Depending on your style and type of food you prepare you may find other styles. Practice on some fruit or vegetables and you will quickly find what hold works best for you.

Q: How do I use a chef's knife like a pro?

Hold the knife in your dominant hand and curled the fingers on your other hand inwards. Place your curled hand on top the thing you are cutting and place the flat side of the blade adjacent to the curled hand and cut moving your non-cutting hand incrementally away from the knife.