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"...I just felt more accomplished using this knife than my other one. Don't get me wrong, I love my Cutco. But for the price, the quality of this knife is impressive." Cranbrook30

"Don't realize how nice a good knife is until you have one. Good weight to it. Glad it came with a sharpener, too. Used on my old knives and they are much better now. Really impressed..." Kainor

"The packaging is superb. It keeps its edge like a much higher priced knife. This will be great for Christmas gifts." Duane

"What a beautiful knife! I used it for the first time preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Worked like a dream. This knife has become my go to for all my needs" Marecob

"This is an 8" knife which comes with the bonus knife sharpener in a box for gift giving and storage. It has a full tang which means that the blade extends fully into the length of the handle. The handle itself is a comfortable to grip wood which is also aesthetically quite nice. My husband (who is knowledgeable about knives and has hand forged knives) liked the overall look and feel of the knife and commented that it had good edge geometry. This basically means that the knife has a well constructed blade and blade edge. Of course, for me, the biggest test of a knife is how well it works. I found that the knife cuts both quickly and cleanly while being comfortable and lightweight. Considering our experience, I would definitely recommend this knife." Tfrog77

Quality Knives - A Chef's Best Friend

As lovers of cooking, our team at Kitcheekat firmly believes that the kitchen is the heart of every home — the place where friends and family catch up, relax, and unwind together. With the kitchen having such a significant influence on people's lives, it is our ultimate goal to make your time there easier and more enjoyable, especially when prepping or cooking a meal.

Through our brand of sharp chef knives, you will enjoy the perks of a fine edge and durable blade, all for an affordable price. Avoid fatigue and make the cleanest cuts possible with our blade, available nationwide.

The Kitcheekat Chef Knife

Don't stress or tire yourself out by trying to cut through carrots or potatoes with a dull, chipped, or rusted knife when you can shop with us. Our state-of-the-art kitchen cooking ware, the Kitcheekat Chef Knife, is the perfect remedy for all of the busted blades in your kitchen. Durable, sharp, and very affordable, our line of knives are made to improve your time in the kitchen and speed up production.

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